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On-Boyd Technologies

"Connecting Those Who Need A Helping Hand with Patience and Integrity"


Tired of asking for HELP?  Or HELP is given, but patience is lacking…

Look no further...On-Boyd Technologies is here "Connecting Those Who Need A Helping Hand with Patience and Integrity"


Welcome to the official Website for

On-Boyd Technologies!  If you are

looking for an Information Technology

professional to assist you with learning

how to use your laptop, desktop,

smart phone, etc., Budget Creation/

Management, as well as PC

Maintenance/Optimization removing those ugly viruses, spyware,

malware, etc.  Look no further you have come to the right place! 

Do you own a Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, etc.?

Yes, but…

  • Would like proper training on how to use.
  • Performance is slow, creeping, etc.

Do you want to purchase one of the above?

Yes, but…

  • Want to know How, Where, and What to purchase. Or
  • Already own, but would love to know more about how to upgrade.

Do you have family, friends, etc., you want to stay in contact? with?

  • Want to know how to Skype, Face Time, etc.?

Tired of long lines at the Bank, Retail Store, Grocery Store?   


You can do the following online SAFELY from the comfort of your home

or anywhere.  Ask me how?

  • Medications
  • Groceries
  • Online Shopping
  • Banking