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On-Boyd Technologies

"Connecting Those Who Need A Helping Hand with Patience and Integrity"


Tired of asking for HELP?  Or HELP is given, but patience is lacking…

Look no further...On-Boyd Technologies is here "Connecting Those Who Need A Helping Hand with Patience and Integrity"

Meet shelia

Shelia A. Boyd is the CEO/Advisor of  On-Boyd

Technologies , she has 25+ years in the 

Information Technology arena.  After being

severance from a local Fortune 500 Bank,

February 2009, she decided that was the perfect 

time to go back to school.  Shelia obtained her

Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Information

Technology (IT) with an emphasis in Security &

Forensics at the age of 46. 

​For many years, Shelia has done consulting work,

trained and fixed family and friends PCs

(hardware/software) in person, over the telephone or by remote as

a side gig, while working as a contractor.  Additionally, she has recorded

and sang on various CDs, was the Administrator of the group, one of the

section leaders as well as did all promotional items, created or enhanced 

CD covers (shown below), bookmarks, flyers, business cards, etc., for

Gloria B. Young and Vow of Faith for 7-years.





​Shelia's passion and fire inside to help others has led her on the path

with the help of God and encouragement from her spouse, family and

friends, ​to now birth her own IT business.


Her mission now is to help others from all walks of life realize his/her

potential as there is no limit to what one can learn in the world of

Technology.  Learning is not unreachable or unattainable, so the most

important factor in reaching any goal is to reach for the stars and never

stop learning! 


Remember, change comes from the inside out, but one must not be afraid

to change!  The sky is the limit!  Never say you Can't or Cannot do anything! 

Change begins with YOU because YOU can do anything!  Failure is not

an option!


At On-Boyd Technologies, we understand everybody learn at a different

pace, so the need will vary.  Allow us to help you understand

Technology a little better!



For more information,  


Contact Shelia at