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On-Boyd Technologies

"Connecting Those Who Need A Helping Hand with Patience and Integrity"


Tired of asking for HELP?  Or HELP is given, but patience is lacking…

Look no further...On-Boyd Technologies is here "Connecting Those Who Need A Helping Hand with Patience and Integrity"

Services We Provide

All Services include...

Consultation - Discuss User issues, concerns, etc.

Recommendations - (Products/Services, Services Offered, etc.)

Laptop / Smart Phones / iPad:

  • *PC Maintenance / Security - (Virus, Malware, Spyware, etc.)
  • *PC Optimization - (i.e., Storage, Speed, etc.)
  • Do's vs Don'ts
  • Set-up & Navigation, Alerts, Security

*May require Product/Tools purchase to fix issues(s)


  • How to create/set-up/Navigate


  • Consult user on which Internet Service Provider (ISP) to select
  • Speed, Bandwidth issues, etc.

Smartphone /Tablet Set up:

  • Smart phone Maintenance / Security /Optimization
  • New Phone Assistance - (Maintain texts, pictures, contacts, etc.)
  • Storage Issues - (Phone is moving like dial-up)
  • Phone security - (i.e., alerts, virus protection)
  • Application Assistance / Recommendations -  (App Store; Play Store)
  • Skype, Face Time, etc.

Social Media Training & Set up / Security:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Special Services:

  • Create budget
  • Create/Manage budget (On-going)

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